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Robotic process automation the future of Middle East’s finance function Robotic process automation the future of Middle East’
Khurram Siddiqui, EY MENA, explains why Robotic process automation is the Future, and Finance function needs to prepare for it.
A CFO’s guide to initiating the transformation to analytics A CFO’s guide to initiating the transformation to ana
In a time where all the big checks are directed to the CFO, the office of finance clearly understands that leaders throughout their companies need the competitive advantage of...
Issue 18 Issue 18
Issue 17 Issue 17
The Skill and the Will
Issue 16 Issue 16
Rare commodity | Jignesh Sanghvi on DmCC’s golden opportunities
Predictive, prescriptive Predictive, prescriptive
Komil Ahmetov, Associate Director, Business Consulting, Grant Thornton UAE, gives his take on why CFOs need to think outside the box and consider the value of the unknown, in...
Issue 15 Issue 15
The Ex Factor | CFO Pradeep Kumar streamlines UAE Exchange's budgeting and accounting systems
Issue 14 Issue 14
Issue 13 Issue 13
Issue 12 Issue 12
Capital defence Capital defence
Detecting and combatting financial crimes orchestrated by international criminal syndicates is complex and time-consuming, however, it is also terribly important. Despite calls for collective global action, too few financial...
Issue 11 Issue 11
In full swing In full swing
Jumeirah Golf Estates aims to bring serene sporting luxury to its course members and community residents. However, ensuring things run smoothly requires calculated business decisions from those behind the...
Issue 10 Issue 10
The right solutions The right solutions
Hiren Bhatia, Senior Business Development Manager, Finesse, shares how having the right CPM software for your organisaton is key to business progress.   Finance departments have come a long...
Issue 9 Issue 9
Issue 8 Issue 8
Sana Khater, CFO, Waha Capital on what it takes to be CFO of the year
Issue 7 Issue 7
Flying Finance, Emirates Group Finance SVP Michael Doersam