Antoine Medawar, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, Amadeus.

Antoine Medawar, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, Amadeus.

Technology partner to the global travel industry – Amadeus – has announced that Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) has become the first airline worldwide to deploy the Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting solution.

The solution will enable the airline to increase productivity, reduce costs and accelerate revenue identification through access to real-time and complete revenue information.

Saudia is the flagship carrier of Saudi Arabia, a member of the SkyTeam Alliance and a key airline in the Middle East region with 24.3 million passengers boarded in 2012. As a fast growing airline, Saudia’s objective is to achieve full control of its revenue accounting processes. This entails various challenges including a rapid ramp-up of resources and know-how as well as putting in place a new organisation and process framework to support the continuing business expansion of the airline.

Amadeus says it has played an important role in helping Saudia complete the complex undertaking, providing guidance throughout the process that culminated in the deployment of the solution.

Muhammad Ali Albakri, Vice President, Information Technology and Executive Vice President of Finance, Saudia, said: “Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting is a natural and logical extension of our newly implemented Amadeus Altéa Suite’s capabilities to deliver seamless integration that ensures on-line, timely, accurate and detailed revenue accounting information for Saudia.”

“The migration to the new Amadeus solution supports Saudia’s plans to in-source its passenger revenue accounting processes and provides the needed functionality to drive Saudia’s strategic business growth plans for years to come,” Albakri added.

Antoine Medawar, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, Amadeus,commented: “Our partnership with Saudia goes a long way and the successful deployment of the Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting solution is proof of our collaborative and close relationship. I am delighted that we have now reached this major milestone with Saudia, having deployed the solution in keeping with their new organizational structure. We are privileged to have Saudia as a launch partner for this truly innovative solution in which Amadeus has made a significant investment.”

Christophe Bousquet, Vice President, Research & Development, Amadeus,said: “The scope and complexity of the airline revenue accounting business is vast and airlines are increasingly under pressure to record, protect and collect all types of revenues without delay. Having an airline of Saudia’s reputation pilot the Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting solution reinforces our confidence in its business value.”

The Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting solution responds to the airline industry’s requirements for a fully integrated and scalable solution that is adaptable to support market specifications and partnership agreements such as alliances, whilst complying with new industry trends such as simplified interline settlement and ancillary services.

The latest addition to Amadeus’ rich portfolio of airline IT products, Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting is available to all airlines looking to implement a new passenger revenue accounting solution that can be fully integrated with their existing passenger services applications.