CPI Media Group is fully committed to respecting the privacy of visitors to our Web site and the security of information gathered on our company Web sites.

In common with many companies, CPI Media Group both tracks and gathers information on this Web site in order to provide a better service to visitors and to ensure that their visits match their needs as closely as possible. However, CPI Media Group will remain the sole owner of any such information and pledges not to share data that helps us to identify our visitors’ needs related to our website and our services. CPI Media Group is the sole owner of the information tracked and gathered on this Web site. We will never sell or share this information with second parties. Equally, any information gathered will not be shared unless explicitly stated in this policy or ordered by a court of law under whose jurisdiction CPI Media Group operates.

Visitors wishing to register on our site for various digital services – such as, but not limited to, e-newsletters or other documents – will be required to use data forms, which will capture standard user data such as user name, e-mail address etc. Such registration will be considered as voluntary consent to receiving relevant e-communications from CPI Media Group, however any invitation to participate in surveys, competitions and similar activity will remain strictly voluntary for the user. Levels of e-mail activity from CPI Media Group will depend on the type of subscription the user has voluntarily requested.
In addition, users may provide further non-mandatory information to allow us to personalise their visits.

Cookies are not linked to any personally identifiable information on the CPI Media Group site – cookie sessions end when the user shuts down the browser. All cookie information is automatically purged after two months. The use of cookies is not a prerequisite to using our site, although some features may require them. The sole purpose in gathering such information is to improve services offered and not to gather personal information that violates our privacy policy.

Shared Data Usage
Data that does not identify individuals, such as accumulated demographic data for statistical analysis will not be deemed to violate users’ privacy.

Users should be aware that Web sites to which are linked to the CPI Media Group Web site may have different privacy and information usage practices. CPI Media Group is not responsible for the policies of such Web sites and users should establish for themselves the usage to which their information may be put on such linked sites.

Mandatory information required for sign-up to a CPI Media Group e-newsletter is: Salutation, Designation, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company and Country.

Other Information Gathering
Temporary marketing activities on our Web site such as events, competitions, surveys etc are subject to users’ understanding that disclosure of any personal data in order to participate is their responsibility. Such data will be used to provide the visitor with requested services and to improve our overall web site activity.

Opting Out
Every e-mail or e-newsletter sent by CPI Media Group gives the user the full ability to change, edit or remove any information previously provided. Equally, any such communication always allows the recipient to unsubscribe from the relevant service in order not to receive any further messages.

Friends or colleagues told about our Web site are sent one automated message inviting the recipient to visit the Web site. No data of the recipient is stored.

Policy Change
Any changes to our privacy policy will be highlighted on our Web site. Should we decide to use any previously gathered information in a different way than originally stated; users concerned will be e-mailed requesting use of their data. Their wishes are fully respected. This is the only instance in which data gathered exclusively in accordance with the privacy policy may be changed.

Contact Information
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