Michael Izza, ICAEW chief executive

Michael Izza, ICAEW chief executive

SIX OF the world’s chartered institutes have launched a new initiative to support, develop and promote the role that Chartered Accountants play throughout the global economy.

To celebrate the launch of Chartered Accountants Worldwide, the six founding bodies have launched ‘No ordinary business minds’. This is a new publication and website featuring Chartered Accountants who hold influential positions around the world as business leaders, decision-makers and trusted advisers and who have enabled businesses, institutions, individuals and communities to achieve their goals.

Michael Izza, ICAEW chief executive, explained: “In a world where there are many different types of accountants and qualifications, demonstrating the value that Chartered Accountants deliver and the highest ethical and quality standards to which they operate is becoming increasingly important. Chartered Accountants Worldwide will help promote the commitment of our global membership to these standards. By working together, we will also be able to create greater opportunity globally for those seeking to become or develop as Chartered Accountants.

“As advisers, managers and leaders, Chartered Accountants are at the heart of businesses around the world. They are trusted and valued contributors to the bottom line through the bad as well as the good times. Investing in the training and development of the next generation of business leaders has to be a priority for our profession today which is why we need to make more of the opportunities a career in Chartered Accountancy offers.”

Chartered Accountants Worldwide will see the six institutes from Australia, England and Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and South Africa demonstrating the value of Chartered Accountants and encouraging more people to consider chartered accountancy when training and when hiring.