DELOITTE HAS announced the admission of 40 new partners, principals and directors in the Middle East in 2012, as part of its growth strategy across the region.

Sixty per cent of the newly promoted leaders are Arab professionals, the majority of whom have had international experience, while the other leaders are a diverse group of international professionals who have either long tenure in the region or have recently moved in to grow their careers and provide international expertise to clients.

Women professionals form 15% of the newly promoted team, including three Arab women leaders. This is in line with Deloitte’s strategy to advance women to leadership positions in the Middle East.

“These appointments reflect the firm’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, world-leading thinking to all our clients, and reaffirm our confidence in the Middle East as a priority market,” said Omar Fahoum, chairman and chief executive of Deloitte Middle East.

“The Middle East is playing an increasingly significant role in world economics. As a result, we are committed to investing in capabilities and talent across the region,” he added.

In fiscal year 2012, the Deloitte network hired 51,400 professionals globally, bringing the total global workforce in the region of 200,000 employees. In the Middle East, alongside the admission of 40 partners, principals and directors, Deloitte also hired 400 Arab and international professionals, as part of its strategy for growth in the region.