Rashi Jain

AT A TENDER age of 21 Rashi Jain is already a force to be reckoned with in the accounting field, having been honoured as the youngest chartered accountant in the Dubai Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). She talks to Accountant Middle East about her journey to becoming a chartered accountant.

What path did you take to become a chartered accountant?
I undertook my high school studies at Our Own English School in Sharjah, up to Grade 12. Afterwards I moved to India for further studies, and that is where my journey into accountancy began. As an integral part of the course and curriculum designed by ICAI, every student enrolled is required to undertake a three-year programme – commonly known as ‘article apprentice’- with a reputable chartered accounting firm. I did my apprenticeship with the P. Bohra & Company accounting firm.

While pursuing chartered accountancy, I simultaneously enrolled for the Bachelor of Commerce course, through ICAI’s Memorandum of Understanding with an Indian University.

My first assignment involved undertaking a three-month management accounting task with the Emirates Airline, for the group’s engineering services. Being the youngest employee in the entire team, my confidence got a major boost as the team members always supported my efforts and contributions.

The facets of accounting profession are broad, including auditing, tax, legislation, management, banking, etcetera. Is there one specific area which is of most interest to you?
With three years of exposure in the fields of auditing, taxation, consultancy and legislation, I could say that auditing is one particular field that I tend to gravitate towards more, since it was my early plunge into the profession.

As I mentioned, my first assignment involved undertaking a management accounting task with the Emirates Airline, for the group’s engineering services. Auditing gives one speckled exposure to the various mechanisms of industries and their services.

What should students and youngsters look for when choosing an accounting degree?
The best way to excel in the accounting field is to have an interest in the profession. Dealing with numbers and figures can be daunting and therefore interest has to be inculcated in the early years of schooling.

What’s the best advice you can give to youngsters wanting a career in accounting?
Having firsthand working experience enables one to realise the need to learn and grow in the industry. However, every individual has a responsibility to set personal goals for themselves and always strive to ensure that they attain them during their professional development.