Zenifer flipWhether in business or life at large, change is an exciting yet scary proposition. Even connoisseurs in the finance field are apprehensive about change, as it means a complete upheaval and renovation of the operational structure – all of which will depict serious figures in the cost sheet.

To succeed in finance and within your organization, accounting personnel are expected to constantly gather feedback from peers and managers. There are unique issues and objectives that are critical within the realm of finance. Prominent among these are teamwork, meeting deadlines, alignment with organizational objectives and a clear understanding of initiative.  

Accounting is a double edged sword. One poor judgement can reap huge losses for the company. Accountants assume the critical role of being fair to company ethics and quality while devising measures of cost control.

At Accountant ME we are at the threshold of change too. The reigns of this well established magazine has been handed over to me and I have a big duty to live up to the expectations set by peers. What we are striving to do is create a platform for intelligent and innovative exchange of ideas where the fundamental principles of accounting can be customised to suit the needs of corporate companies, specially pertaining to the Middle East market.

With this issue, we present the best in our repertoire. There is an eclectic mix of thought provoking and interesting articles. We have covered current topics of debate like an analysis of the impact of the ‘Bitcoin’ in the UAE. On a more conventional note, we have streamlined the areas in Micro Accounting which can be improvised by companies. We have tried to throw light on the accountability of corporate social responsibility which can be attained without compromising on the humanity element.

Our hopes for this magazine are stellar but not impossible. We want it to be the guideline for all matters related to accountancy, in the region. Over the coming months, you can see events, exclusive interviews, ideas, concepts and many more exciting features related to the field of accounting.

In business as in life, change is the only constant.  But if managed well, change can define all the entities it touches.


Zenifer Khaleel

Associate Editor

Accountant Middle East