Intensive programme aims to offer entrepreneurs knowledge and skills without the rigours of time and cost obligations experienced with traditional MBAs… 

Amanda Line, Partner, PwC’s Academy Middle East

Amanda Line, Partner, PwC’s Academy Middle East

TAX, AUDIT and assurance firm PwC has launched its unique Mini Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Programme in the UAE.

Set to commence on April 20, 2013 at the PwC’s Academy, the organisers say the programme is the ideal solution for professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs seeking the knowledge and skills gained from traditional MBA programmes, without the extensive time and cost obligations.

Leveraging its global leadership position in a full range of professional services, PwC has drawn industry leading professionals from its extensive network to present the programme. The Mini MBA Programme instructors in the UAE possess an in-depth understanding of the complexities of modern organisations and have experience in leadership positions, subject expertise, and knowledge of the local and global business environment.

Customised professional course

The Programme offering comes in light of a PwC 15th Annual CEO survey revealing that 63% of CEOs based in the Middle East see talent constraints as a potential risk to their growth and 33% have placed talent development as their top priority. As such, PwC’s Academy has incorporated the insights gained from working with firms from all over the globe into the Mini MBA Programme.

This customised professional course covers the most important topics of an MBA such as leadership, management skills and problem solving in the fields of project management, finance functions, corporate strategy and human capital.

On the launch of the programme Amanda Line Partner, PwC’s Academy Middle East said; “The diversity of the UAE workforce means that leaders must be particularly skilful in communicating, empowering and leading people from an array of backgrounds. Our goal is to contribute to the development of leaders and to hone the talents of the workforce in the UAE.”

“Although the higher education system in the UAE is highly developed there is still an attraction to the top global MBA programmes abroad. With this in mind, PwC’s Mini MBA Programme combines global experience with local insight, thus providing candidates with a convenient solution to continued executive education,” she added.

Future development goals

Commenting on the strategic partnership with PwC’s Academy Dr Abdullah A. Abonamah, CEO of UAE Academy, said; “UAE Academy is proud to collaborate with PwC’s Academy to launch the robust Mini MBA Programme in Abu Dhabi. As the first in the region, the strategic intent of the programme will be a building pillar for developing the talents in the UAE.”

“In building a pool of talented leaders as valuable resources for the country, there is an immediate need for a programme to combine theoretical knowledge and practical applications to the workplace. The benefits gained from the programme will be immense and I believe that the participants will be able to leverage the knowledge and the shared experiences obtained during the course to the workplace,” he added.

PwC’s first Mini MBA Programme will run from April 20to June 29 2013 at the UAE Academy campus in Abu Dhabi, with plans to expand the offering across the region. The sessions will take place over a 3 month period with over 100 classroom hours. To accommodate working schedules, courses will be conveniently held on Saturdays and Sunday evenings.

The programme covers nine specially designed modules, including Business Breakdown and Map, Corporate and Business Strategy, People Management, Management Skills, Marketing, Leadership and Negotiation, Accounting Basics and Financial Management, Project Management and Business Processes and a final course to link it all together.

The class sizes are designed for small groups to maintain a personalised approach. At the end of the programme all participants will receive a PwC certificate of completion. This is contingent on meeting the minimum attendance requirement of 76 hours and the completion of a Harvard Business School case study. A personalised assessment of the case study will be provided to each participant together with guidance on suggested future development goals.