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Submission process

The editorial staff at the CFO Middle East have decided to revamp the nomination process for our annual awards ceremony.

Instead of following the 2015 submission format, where candidates nominated themselves for an award, and were then selected by a panel of judges, we have asked the region’s top advisory firms to nominate CFOs who they believe have delivered the most innovative and transformational initiatives for their enterprise.

These companies are well positioned to observe which individuals and businesses have had the biggest impact on their organisation.

It will then be up to you* to vote online and decide who is most worthy of each prize.

New arrivals

We have now also introduced award categories across the top verticals that are heavily represented in the region, including a new Family Business accolade, as well as an award for SME finance team.

There will also be categories open for Best Bank, Best Investment Bank and Best GRC Practice, which will join the categories of Best Audit, Accounting and Law firms.

What’s more, we have introduced a Future CFO of the Year category, where senior financial decision-makers are invited to nominate someone in their finance function who they believe has the potential to be the next top CFO.

*To be eligible to vote, you must work in the banking and finance sector, an enterprise finance function or have a C-level job title.


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